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Self-Managed Super Fund Loan Sydney

Many Australians are seeking for a retirement investment strategy with better control over their finances instead of leaving their superannuation funds in the hands of others to manage it for them. Among super funds, Self-Managed Super Fund Sydney (SMSF) is the one that allows you to get the loan from lenders to purchase property with your retirement savings and a loan from a lender to make up the balance owing for the acquisition. The returns on the property investment whether that’s rental income or capital gains are funnelled back into the super fund, increasing your retirement savings upon the sale of the property.

One of the greatest elements of Self-Managed Super Fund Sydney (SMSF) is that you will have the flexibility of using your retirement savings to invest in your desired asset class. Secondly, you might be able to borrow money to buy property by using strict conditions known as ‘limited recourse borrowing arrangement’. With Self-managed Super Fund Sydney loans, you will also enjoy the potential of saving hundreds of dollars on both account structure and keeping fees. Furthermore, you have the flexibility and freedom with Self-managed Super Fund Sydney loans to

The opportunities of Self-Managed Super Fund Sydney Residential property loan and Commercial property loan includes being able to apply for up to 80% loan to valuation ratio (LVR) on terms of up to 30 years for residential properties and commercial properties. This includes a maximum for 5 years interest only period id preferred. Principal and interest is the preferred repayment method.

Self-managed Super Fund Sydney loans may include other fees like application fee, brokerage fee, valuation fee, funder’s legal fee plus disbursement and searches, risk fees, monthly fee, SMSF review fee, discharge fees and settlement fee. The maximum loan amount and LVR will be dependent on whether the property is in a metro or non-metro area. Maximum loan amount can be up to $1.5 million for residential and $5 million for commercial properties (subject to credit approval).


Lending requirements to qualify for servicing for Self-managed Super Fund Sydney loans depends on two factors. Firstly, the SMSF must have contributions for a minimum of 2 financial years, and the lender will usually take the lower or the average of two years as calculation for your servicing. Of course, we can always negotiate special circumstances with the lenders, come speak to us. Secondly, there is usually a liquidity rule from some lenders as a basis of requirement. Come speak to us for your unique financial scenario.

One point of caution for new Self-managed Super Fund Sydney loans applicants is borrowing for the purposes of commercial investment within your Self-managed Super Fund requires professional legal and financial guidance, and the success of your future investments can be seriously affected by failing to obtain expert services.

Self-managed Super Fund Sydney loans also only allows purchase for investment purposes and not owner-occupied purposes as it needs to satisfy business use purpose as a sole measure.

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