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Other Services

I can be of help in finding the right loan for pretty much any financing needs you have, but my services are not limited to home and commercial loans, I can also assist with other matters for your full financial well-being.
Lionel Finance can find you the lender with the best interest rate to fund the car you have always wanted.
Lionel Finance can find you the lender with the best interest rate to suit your situation for personal purchases, renovations, holidays or debt consolidations.
I can help in gathering comprehensive property reports which are essential for a home buyer like you in order to learn all the necessary information about the property you are eyeing.
No cash yet to purchase your dream residential or commercial property? You can opt for deposit bonds which can cover the required cash deposit.
Mortgages may span several years or even decades, and no one knows what can happen during those years. MPI can serve as a safety net in case you’ll not be able to make the regular payments due to health issues, disablement, loss of employment, and worst case scenario, death.
When your mortgage balances become too high and seems impossible for you to pay in full, Lionel Finance can help you negotiate with lenders to agree upon a debt settlement term.
Want to protect your valuables and assets from potential financial risks? You might want some help in enrolling on a general insurance policy.
If you are supporting a family, you’re probably planning ahead to make sure that you won’t leave them with nothing if something unfavorable happens to you.
Lionel Finance can also partner up with other professionals such as accountants, financial planners, solicitors, and real estate professionals among others to ensure your full financial well-being.