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Loan Adviser Sydney

The Best Loan Adviser in Sydney

I am Lionel Lye from Lionel Finance and I provide one of the most prominent loan advising services in Sydney, where I assist my clients with residential as well as commercial loans. Equipped with years of experience and knowledge, I provide loan advice that will be very helpful to you. I also help with structuring your current and future loan along with personal credit advice that will meet your bespoke needs.

As a skilled loan adviser in Sydney, I give my clients important information that they need for taking any personal, residential home or commercial loans.

Loan Adviser Sydney
Personal Loan Adviser Sydney

How do I, as a Personal Loan Adviser in Sydney make a Difference?

When it comes to offering commercial and business loans, I, as a loan adviser in Sydney find a suitable solution for my clients once I had gathered enough information about their needs and objectives and will subsequently present suitable loan options and advice once this information have been verified.

Whether it is all about a home loan or a commercial loan, I will break down each loan requirement into its simplest form and in layman terms to lay out the pros and cons of each option. This will help you learn precisely what you are opting for, and how it is going to meet your financial needs and objectives.

How do I help businesses?

When it comes to offering loans for businesses, the on time and on budget loans and advice thereabout that I offer as a Sydney Loan Adviser come in handy for managing the cash flow, upgrading equipment and helping businesses to thrive forward and grow.

From the start of the endeavour, I, as a Sydney loan adviser have assisted a commendable number of businesses through highly prompt, transparent and customer centric process. This has helped businesses in getting the loans that serve their purposes, and allow their business to prosper and meet their goals.

Business Loans Sydney
Sydney Loan Advisers

What does our Sydney Loan Advisers’ Contribution include?

The advices that we as Sydney loan advisers come up with include advice on:

  • Home loans (including New Home Purchase, Investment Purchase, Equity Release, Refinancing, Structural and Non Structural Renovations, Bridging Finance)
  • Commercial Business Finance (including Trade & Working Capital Solutions, Commercial Property Investment, Residual stock finance, Self Managed Superannuation Funding (SMSF), Commercial Loans, Partners Buy In’s/ Out,)
  • Development Finance (including small scale Property Development, medium or larger scale Residential Property Development and Commercial Property Development,
  • Equipment and Plant Finance, Trade Finance, Asset Finance, Fit out Finance, Small business finance

Therefore, Lionel Finance, is the one stop solution when it comes to offering loan related advice.

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